LPPD Policy

Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) has been adopted in the processing of personal data in order to protect the confidentiality of private life, the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and to set up procedures and principles in line with the obligations of real and legal persons who process personal data.

This text of illumination has been prepared by DG Regtech Sustainability Software AŞ as the data controller within the scope of the communiqué about the principles and procedures to be followed in fulfilling the obligation of illumination with the 10th article of the law.

For what purpose personal data are processed

dgmos.com collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes.

  • To establish business partner/supplier/visitor/employee/customer relations.
  • To be able to perform administrative operations for communication.
  • To improve our products, applications, and services.
  • To promote and sell our products, applications, and services.
  • To continue our commercial activities intact and without interruption.
  • To manage our portfolio of suppliers, visitors, employees, customers.
  • To communicate with all kinds of tools.
  • To engage in the advertisement, promotion, and information activities.
  • To analyze and archive our website visitors.
  • To develop and manage applications.
  • To make backups to prevent data loss.

To whom can personal data be transferred

For the above-mentioned purposes, the personal data shared by the relevant persons are transferred to TMGD Services and Group companies, solution partners, and official authorities and institutions in order to fulfill their legal obligations. The personal data provided by you will not be used in any context other than the purposes set out above, and will not be shared with national and foreign third parties.

Personal data collection method and legal reason

Your personal data that you share can be collected in written, verbally or electronically, either automatically or non-automatically, and can be stored in either physical or compound form. Technical and administrative measures are taken by dgmos.com to prevent the loss, steal or damage by unauthorized access to the environment where the personal data are stored.

Your personal data will be kept for the duration of legal retention, when this period expires, it will be deleted or anonymized and removed from our company database. Your data, whose legal retention period is not specified, is stored and processed for the time required by the processing purpose. Other personal information data collected or processed by TMGD Hizmetleri Corporation within the scope of article 11 of the law; reserves the right to learn whether personal data is processed, request information if personal data is processed, know the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, know the national and foreign third parties to whom personal data are transferred, request a correction in case personal data are missing or incorrectly processed, request that personal data be deleted or destroyed.

In order to use your rights which have been mentioned above or to request the anonymization of the data, you can share your request by sending email to [email protected].