Gentleman’s Agreement


  1. Parties
  • Subject Of The Agreement

In this gentlemen’s agreement, aim to provide quality service under the DGMOS brand, is offered for platform partners that got together under a digital platform by DG Regtech Sustainability Software AŞ

This gentlemen’s agreement has been signed to DGMOS users that bringing together stakeholders of the same sector. Yiğit Osman Deniz, General Manager of DG Regtech Sustainability Software A.Ş , analyzes the problems experienced by the stakeholders in the sector and offers the DGMOS brand, that he developed, to the service of the entire sector with a gentleman’s agreement.


Produces technology for providing shared services to consulting organizations and consultants.

Provide and presents sectoral Know How sharing with only the DGMOS brand via the platform.

Exhibits establishment information of all dealers via as active dealers producing services with DGMOS.

The identity of Tmgd Hizmetleri Dan.Ltd.Şti, which has the identity of a consultant organization, does not exhibit except the list of DGMOS partners and does not subject it to a business venture.

The dealer codes of the dealers are never changed and repeated.

In no way, when a business user license is generated in the system by the dealer user, it does not establish a direct commercial relationship with the enterprise, except to serve user demand for the dealer’s business.

In no way, it never gives an offer to businesses served by the consultant organization that is dealer users.

In no way does it follow and does not decipher the trade information of businesses.

With this sharing, within the framework of business ethics, we produce services only for the platform and TMGD Services Ltd. Şti never carries the role of the consultant institution of the sector to the platform.

In the gentleman’s agreement, the event of a content change in the, it informs to all dealers.

DGMOS User’s Responsibilities;

Finds law with user contracts.


The parties will use any commercial information they have obtained from each other only for the success of the companies and will keep this information in all other cases. This obligation will continue even if the commercial relationship between the parties ends. In the event of the disclosure of trade secrets, the parties will be liable to pay material and moral compensation.

  • TIME

This agreement’s validity date is valid as long as the commercial identity of the DGMOS brand remains continues.