Can you guess how much many fines there are between these two photographs?

We received a message from a field staff member in England today.
The application was made due to the wrong labeling applied by an enterprise in the field. They are right.
IMDG Code is very clear.

We are glad that the vehicle was not allowed to be shipped before this violation was remedied.

The UN Number for the goods shall be displayed in black digits not less then 65 mm high, either:
1- against a white background in the area below the pictorial symbol and above the
class number and the compatibility group letter in a manner that does not obscure or
detract from the other required label elements (see; or

2- on an orange rectangular panel not less than 120 mm high and 300 mm wide, with a
10 mm black border, to be placed immediately adjacent to each placard or marine
pollutant mark (see When no placard or marine pollutant mark is required,
the UN Number shall be displayed immediately adjacent to the Proper Shipping Name.

Dgmos DG Team

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